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About Sterna

Sterna is a Singapore based company that develops, manufactures and distributes Cloud-based security products and monitoring devices for market segments like Telecom, Petroleum, Utilities, Transport, Finance, Medical, Defence and Governmental. We also distribute products for smart and efficient meetings. Our main products are managed and controlled via the Cloud with 24/7 status in real time and all data collected centrally:

- Sterna RIKE, Electronic Locks to IP-rated steel cabinets.

- Sterna MONIT, Monitored Padlocks and Transport Systems.

- Sterna KIMS, Key Management Systems and Deposit Boxes.

- ALTERO, Reading mechanical utility meters.

- EVOKO, Meeting room products.

Present Status:

  • Sterna RIKE electronic motor locks have been installed in over 250,000 telecom sites of and is operating in one on-line Cloud based system in the Indian telecom market controlling the IP-rated steel cabinets in base stations eliminating battery theft and monitoring service staff performance.
  • Sterna MONIT Padlocks are being implemented when we upgrade the existing 8,000 petrol trucks that already are using our system. These trucks are now being upgraded to our new INTEGRA system, which ensures that the tank trucks can only be opened by an authorized person in a certain geographical area.
  • Sterna KIMS Key Management Systems and Deposit boxes are being developed to the next generation introducing cloud based monitoring.
  • ALTERO MeterCam readers are going through POC’s (Proof Of Concept) projects on mechanical gas and water meters in several markets.
  • EVOKO is a market leader in modern meeting management products with an extensive international reference list.

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